A Social-Environmental Thinktank Dedicated to Our Rural Communities

Our Goals

A Rural Renaissance

 We seek to offer socially responsible solutions to an ever changing world by providing technological innovations to rural communities that will allow them to more easily access information and services that are not always available in their area. This portion of the population has less access to Mental and Preventive Health Services, Continued Education and Employment Opportunities. We believe that through the creative use of emerging technologies we can offer new and ambitious ways to change these dynamics. By concentrating on just these three core issues we believe we can inspire a Rural Renaissance that will change generations of lives.

Front Line Stewardship

We know through working with these local communities that they are Front Line Stewards of their area. When you rely on the streams to fish, the woods to hunt and the fields to harvest in order to provide the food you feed your family, stewardship becomes extremely personal. By providing up to date information on the best practices for sustainability and environmental health practice to those on the Front Line with the most to gain or loss, we will have the most powerful stewards in the best locations to institute change. 

Bringing Back The Bush

We believe that our Planet's greatest natural resource are it's Human resources. By working together we can find new and innovative ways to provide Blue Ocean Industries to these rural populations. We don't believe that a region's economy is defined by that what lays beneath the land but by the people that stand atop it. We aim to move these communities away from resource mining and harvesting or the service industry of ecotourism, we are looking to the future. By developing these new economic models we aim to "Bring Back The Bush" and allow the ecosystems to regrow and repopulate with native species while providing economic opportunity and advancement for those who protect it. 

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